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About Us

Omega Blue Studio was founded the day we found out about video games. That feeling of excitement when you pop in a game for the first time and watch the intro video and finally hit start. That feeling has been something we’ve chased since day one. We want every experience to “hit you in the feels” so we learned how to make games, but the why hasn’t changed. We’ve made mobile games, training games, and even simulations, but at the end of the day we are a game company, and want to bring you our best. Thanks for stopping by.

Dawn, the devils half human daughter, spends all day partying on earth. She has no desire to work in the family business.

On one fatefull day, she accidentally opens up the gates of hell releasing demons to destroy her city.

With the help of her friends, she attempts to hack and slash them all back to hell. Dawn of the Devil

is the action packed, hilarious side scrolling, 3Ding, bad word saying hero you'll hate to love.

Coming soon to Consoles and PC

But wait....there's more


Omega Blue Studio isn't always working on a game.....sike. We are always up to something. But that doesn't mean we won't help you with your project. Whatever platform you use, we've found that Unreal or Unity will get the job done. Keep scrolling for our contact info and let us help get your game to all your fans.


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